EASIT s.r.o.

Škrobárenská 502/1
Czech Republic
617 00 Brno

49°11’11.0″N 16°37’32.1″E
49.186381, 16.625577

+420 511 187 880



VAT: CZ29293171

ID: 29293171

Our company is based in the center of Brno, about 10 minutes from the main train and bus stations, easily accessible on foot or by public transport. If you drive, you can park nearby or in our private parking lot.

Easy access from international airports:
Brno, Tuřany – about 20 minutes
Bratislava, Ivanská cesta – about 1.5 hours
Vienna, Schwechat – less than 2 hours

If you need help with parking or airport transfers, please call our Office Assistant at +420 511 187 880.

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