We are aware of the fact that clients welcome assistance in acquiring licenses and certificates. We are glad to provide it and guide the clients throughout the whole process.
We approach every client individually and we prefer personal contact. That is reflected in communication: we adapt the communication channel to the client’s habits.
Graphic design
We offer complete graphic design services to clients. We do the job from scratch or have the client inspire us with their design suggestions. We employ state of the art technology to carry out the ideas.
Our solution provides for being hosted anywhere: within both a physical and a virtual infrastructure. We can design hosting centers or we can adapt to the client’s requirements.
Help at start
Our team helps clients to get the system up and running. It’s not only software and data that we deliver but also priceless experience for businessmen both new and existing in this sector who have decided to implement our system.
A separate Marketing module is an integral part of our portfolio. It provides for the creation and assessment of simple marketing events conceived by the client in-house.
We offer support to clients all around the clock: 24/7 - throughout the whole year. It is always down to the type of the support required. The details of the service level are thus always agreed on contractually.
Our integration team holds regular conversations with our partner to ensure we satisfy every need and requirement. We understand the importance of integration and we ensures that everything fits as it should.
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